Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Boxing clever

I rather like the craft in the this ad, but wonder about the shoehorning of a product into the idea - especially when the idea is something of an 80s cliche 'out of the box' thinking? (Which is a variation of 'think outside the square'. Is there nothing to commend the Audi Q5 other than its styling? - which is streamlined? What, is the competition Hummer or Jeep, the only two truly boxy SUV's I can think of.

In my mind the real problem to overcome is that my perception of SUVs for unnecessary urban use is that they should be shot at with anti-tank weapons. (I may be biased as I was nearly killed on my Vespa scooter by an arse in a Nissan Patrol who felt so safe and secure that considering other road users before making an unindicated u-turn didn't even flash through his mind).

Is Audi running out of steam as a brand? Are all car brands struggling to be relevant?

And, finally, didn't Toyota New Zealand use that song for the launch of the latest version of the Corolla? Why, yes, yes it did.

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