Polaroid memories

It's sad that Polaroid ended production of their 'instant' film at the beginning of this year. I tried to express it before, but it came across as hollow - given that me, and everyone else, had long ago adopted digital imaging. So much more instant than previous instances of 'instant'.

Still, there was something about the SX70 I liked, it was insignificant - don't like it it? - take another.

Rummaging today I came across these shots.

This one is some of the crew from Rialto advertising. You can tell the 'creative' dudes, think sunglasses inside.

Left to right: Carolyn Travaglia (became a famous makeup artist), Gael Praast (Simon Praast's mum but a formidable accountant in her own right - managed to assign MD's Tv to my smorg, easy). Centre, big smile: Megan (my son's mum - we got married). Back row: Ginga: Barbie Cope - stylish, iconoclastic studio manager - now photographer. Terry Stevens - art director, now commercials director in Europe, the Diane, accounts, stayed with Clemenger for years (don't know where she is now), then Michelle - I can't remember more than that, then me, front row, daylight, 'bans.

Those were the days.

And so were these: MacKay King Christmas party breakfast '84 - yes, that's me - so young and, aherm, innocent.


Polaroids were the informal record of the day. I miss their presence as an instant artifact - something digital can't provide.


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