Sunday, January 04, 2009

More Milton Glaser

Milton Glaser Zanders calendar 1984
Many years ago I procured a Zanders paper company calender, which was an annual event in the design calendar, that was very special indeed. Through 12 months Milton Glaser interpreted, in his own fabulous style, the work of a dozen of the world's most influential artists. I dared not take the calendar from its heavy duty cardboard sleeve for very long, lest the colours fade or that I would damage it by leafing through the spiral bound sheets. It must have cost a fortune to print. How many individual colurs were used in the process I can only imagine. It was a treasure. I loved the work on the pages and admired the intelligence and craftsmanship on Milton Glaser, already a legend in the design world.

Thinking about the butchering of his original I (heart) New York logo - refer to previous post - I visited his company website where I found this movie:

It is astonishing to think how prolific he has been. His comments about remaining interested in the 'third act' of life are poignant and it seems plain that he has lost none of his interest.

I like that his works seem to show the hand of their creator, rather than the sleek,smooth style of a computer generated artwork - so common in contemporary design.

My beloved copy of the Zanders calendar? Ruined in a basement flood I'm afraid - along with all of my own print advertising and design samples 1983 - 2003.


  1. Just discovered your blog searching for others with a similar Zanders calendar past. Sounds like we started the communication design biz about the same time. I have several "M-Real" (as they call it now, mine say Zanders) and cherish them equally. Sorry to hear about the flood. I can say you may have lost the samples, but from what I gather thus far from your blog, and your comments about Milt's continued passion, I would say you have more even now than most new on the scene designers. You have accomplishments, vivid memories, and perhaps some satisfaction in doing good work on behalf of your clients. I wish you peace and joy in 2009 and am grateful to have stumbled upon you. And by Stumbled Upon, I mean in the more literal, non-web 2.0 sense.

  2. Thanks for the comment and compliment. I guess I do have vivid memories, some of them my own,

  3. I read your entry with great interest..! I too am a huge follower of Mr Glaser. I am sorry to hear of the loss of your items and I wonder how many Calendars were printed?!


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