Saturday, January 03, 2009

Bugatti Atalante found in garage, owner not available for comment

Bugatti Atalante discovered
When I die, if you look down the back of the couch or through the pockets of my jackets you might find some loose change, old supermarket receipts and, I'll wager, with some certainty, little else.

When an 89 year old English orthopedic surgeon, the aptly named Dr Carr, died recently his family discovered an old Bugatti, covered in dust, that had not been used since 1960. The old mad had been a motoring enthusiast and, according to the Associated Press report, something of a hoarder who threw nothing away.

If you are not a petrol-head that might well be unremarkable news. But you need to understand something about the Bugatti Atalante. It was as rare and sought after in its day as the VW Bugatti Veyron of today. Whilst most of its contemporaries could barely clatter along at 50 miles per hour, the Atalante was capable of more than 150 mph. When it is sold at auction, I am guessing in unrestored condition, it is expected to reach 4.3 million US dollars (in the depths of a recession). I guess they don't make 'em like that anymore.

Apparently the heirs to the good doctor's estate were unaware of the cars presence, though auction houses and collectors had been circling like buzzards for years.

Here are a couple of images of the supermodel in question to show you the potential of the mad doctor's jalopy.

Bugatti Atalante
Bugatti Atalante

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