Wright on

Loving this cover for a biography of legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright. If you've ever visited the Guggenheim museum in Manhatten you will immediately get the reference - though the building is so well known that you probably have the meme embedded whether you are familiar with the building or not.

I like the design because it has dollops of wit embedded and uses a limited palette to convey a striking visual idea. The typeface used is EagleFeather, designed by FL Wright himself.

It all reminds me of the excellent documentary about Wright's life that I watched some time ago. I think I may have to indulge in a films about architecture season - three excellent ones come to mind:

Frank Lloyd Wright - Directed by Ken Burns
My Architect - A Son's Journey(Louis Kahn)
Sketches of Frank Gehry by by Sydney Pollack

Could even throw in The Fountainhead for light relief.


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