Liking the idea of Radiohead

My Online Marketing Presentation About Radiohead from iaintait on Vimeo.

Here's something interesting. Iain Tait is a co-founder of the British ad agency Poke. He says he is Creative Director cum Strategic Planner. I've snipped his presentation about how savvy Radiohead have been in their use of new media/social media to connect with their audience. The preso is pretty self explanatory (read Iain's post here). I like the simplicity of it and the added richness of including video. A nice counterpoint/compliment to the ideas Garr Reynolds talks about in Presentation Zen.

Also ironic that he talks about liking the idea of Radiohead without necessarily liking Radiohead. It's a similar thought to my own about how you don't have to like an idea to get some benefit from it. Agreeing isn't thinking.

On that note I was disappointed that I couldn't make it to the Idealog function where Kevin Roberts was talking. Like loads of people in advertising I am ambivalent about Mr Roberts - but he's a firebrand and some of his ideas get me thinking. I double-booked - said I would cook for my mother's 67th birthday party. There will , no doubt be other opportunities to catch up with KR's thoughts (and I guess the video will be up on the Idealog site soon), but you're only 67 once. Unless you're Hindu.


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