Darkest before the dawn

The Dark Knight Batman movie opens in Auckland today (I know, we're the first place in the world to see each new day, but for some reason TDK bootlegs have made it here before the film even screened). I'm looking forward to seeing the show. My son informs me that it has the highest ranking of any film on the Internet Movie Database, knocking The Godfather off its long held perch.

I think another barometer of importance is how quickly something is parodied. The web is awash with Star Wars mash-ups and homage to The Godfather. In no time at all The Dark Knight has joined the pantheon. I rather like the one above - TDK meets Napoleon Dynamite.

The speed and certainty with which the hype about the new Superhero movie has spread has been astonishing. In part my guess is that the whole sh'bang was altered by the death of Heath Ledger - maybe even how the movie was finally cut and certainly how the buzz has been framed. The Joker is the central focus of almost everything and even the surviving members of the cast, when interviewed seem to anchor their comments to the departed.

Interesting to see that the film has a number of websites:
Concerned Citizens for a Better Gotham
Clown Travel Agency
Acme Security Systems
Gotham City Police
I believe in Harvey Dent

They've been having some fun.


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