Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Google and Advertising

An interesting interview with Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google. The session comes from the Ad Age Madison + Vine Conference on July 16, 2008. I like that Schmidt is forthright about not becoming a media company "Because we're no good at it." Google will focus on things that are measured. He says that advertising is heuristic and subjective - which is, of course, true. I like the concept of adjacency of the web to be a companion to core business - it is something I am interested in exploring further.

The Atlantic Monthly article Schmidt refers to is interesting and worth reading. While you on the Atlantic site I also recommend reading the story about Frank Lloyd Wright's tallest building - Price Tower - which once headquartered an engineering firm that serviced the oil industry. The writing is prosaic, in that measured, very American style. If design and architecture is your thing also check out the companion slide show to view some of the building's details.

Price told Wright he wanted a three-story building and was willing to spend $750,000. Wright suggested a 10-story tower (“Modern elevators and all that,” he explained). In the end, as Price later wrote, “we finally compromised on nineteen floors.” Price Tower, completed in 1956, cost $2.1 million.

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