Saturday, July 26, 2008

Negative associations

I have to confess that I am fond of this commercial for Vodafone New Zealand. The idea is OK, if literal and a little obvious, but I really like the music which propels the OK to the very nice. Too bad it's for Vodafone, whom I am coming to the conclusion are really no better than Telecom when it comes to rorting consumers (ref iPhone contracts).

The music is: 1922 Blues by US-folk/blues singer/guitarist/banjo player Charlie Parr. I just bought it from the iTunes store. Yes, it is the best bit of the commercial.

Will I think of Vodafone every time I play it? They should hope not.

Vodafone are bilking kiwis same as Telecom did/do. Duopoly is just as bad as monopoly.
In the words of Charlie Parr, "Ain't that the way it is?" - The Man has you in his pocket.

The commercial was made by the talented Mr Worthington's team at Clemmenger BBDO Auckland, the CGI came from Animal Logic in Sydney.

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