Thursday, July 03, 2008

Starbucks Lesson

Starbucks seem to be in free-fall - closing over 600 stores in the US.
I wonder why? In New Zealand I don't think we have a representative picture of Starbucks. In the US the stores are quite different (apparently) and they have headed into complex diversions from core business - music has been a distraction. Tail wags dog,

The truth for me is that I want to like Starbucks. I want to love it as I do Apple. But their core product doesn't cut it. The coffee sucks. Here in Auckland we have the most sophisticated coffee culture in the world - big claim - come down and test it. Take it from me Starbucks products are rightly shunned. If only our funky coffee houses could 'get' the idea of the third place. Any hospitality space should have free wireless. One of the best things about webstock in Wellington (and the airport) was free access to the web. Even if I smuggle good coffee in to Starbucks, at least I get a comfortable place to check my mail.

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