Run Your Own Race.

The best way to be competitive is not to compete. Returning the original mantra of this blog - be the One and Only - "Don't be the best at what you do - be the only one who does it." A quote from Gerry Garcia of the Grateful Death via Tom Peters (ages ago). On that not here is another reference from Tom that I rather like:

"Obsessing about your competitors, trying to match or best their offerings, spending time each day wanting to know what they are doing, and/or measuring your company against them—these activities have no great or winning outcome. Instead you are simply prohibiting your company from finding its own way to be truly meaningful to its clients, staff and prospects. You block your company from finding its own identity and engaging with the people who pay the bills. ... Your competitors have never paid your bills and they never will."—Howard Mann.

I always imagine a sprinter on in the blocks for the 100 meters at the Olympic Games. If they turn their head fractionally it changes the entire mechanics of their performance. When you are talking 100ths of a second margins between winner and losers (who wants to nearly win gold?) there is only one way to come out ahead. Prepare physically and mentally, show up, run like hell. The data you get about the position of your competition will be of no value to you whatsoever. A glance to the left or right will take you out of contention.


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