Work is that thing that takes the available time

procrastination flowchart

Do you ever wonder if you are the only person in the known universe that puts things off until the last minute. I can always find something, if not better, to do then simply more diverting than the job at at hand. I am as easily distracted as a kitten and a piece of string.

I had been wondering if the Internet had amplified my procrastination or simply made it easier. I can't help but wonder whether I would be more productive if I had the self discipline to switch everything off - or whether the stimulus is actually simply part of the way I work (yeah, right! - nice try).

So, during another foray away from my assigned task I came across the chart above (via Idealog). And I feel relieved that I am not alone.

Now, I really must find out the origin of the word Puttanesca.


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