Things that matter

Coudal and partners are a world famous design company. If you had signed up for their email marketing you would have received this:

1. Will we be able to make money?
We're a business. We have mortgages and tuitions to pay. Plus, if we don't make some cash once in a while, how will we feed our habit of continually screwing around?

2. When we're done, will we be proud of the work we've done?
Slaving for months on a project only to not want to show it to anyone when you're finished just plain sucks. No amount of money can make that feel better.

3. Can we learn a little something new along the way?
Executing the project has to make us smarter and help satisfy our curiosity, which we think is our greatest asset.

An elegantly simple summary of what matters, don't you think?

Via Paul Isakson


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