Te Radar - National Treasure/taonga*

I've just watched this week's episode of Off The Radar (TV One Sunday, 7.00pm NZT).
Te Radar (Te Radar (Andrew J Lumsden) is an award winning satirist, documentary maker, writer, stage and screen director, and amateur historian. He currently has two top rating TV programmes screening on TV 1, (Off the Radar, and Homegrown - ex his website).

Te radar - ngati pakehaI have to say it is always a thoroughly enjoyable experience. He has the kind of personality and shy charm that kiwis like. His humour is never sarcastic or ironic - it is nice that there isn't even a hint of post-modernism in his style - he is just utterly likeable.

Obviously it is his time, he has two shows on air at the same time and it seems his voice-over talents are in demand as well, he stars (in the way that Eddie Murphy stars in Shrek) in one of the campaigns for McDonalds on air at the moment.

Good on him. Might have to get me a Ngati Pakeha shirt from his website.

*(noun) something prized. ex Maori Dictionery


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