SIA - not Singapore Airlines

SIA the Australian female vocalist

Australia seems to be producing interesting female vocalists. I caught this video on a random channel surf. Like I said - interesting. A little out there. I like the take-it-or-leave-it-angle. I'm picking SIA as a confirmed One & Only (1&O - tm). Might buy some with next week's pocket money.

Watch the clip - tell me what you think.

Just bought the entire Charlie Parr 1922 Album - LOVIN' IT...

On the subject of love, the new Idealog magazine can't be far off. My column is a love-fest.

Looking forward to debriefing my friend, the amazingly talented Monique Rhodes, who has been touring with Kiwi Legend Shona Laing. I want to know what it's like out their in the provinces. I'm thinking of touring with a small business marketing roadshow...


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