Frank Stella Art Car Redux

I often feel nostalgic for a car I used to own - a BMW 3.0 csi. It was the 1975 model, the last year it was produced. These big, beautiful coupes were sensational. Mine was a stick shift. It uttered the most sensation howl from its 3 litre, six cylinder powerplant. At the time I lived in the country, not far from Auckland city and loved the ride home. And, yes, it would reach close to the 150 mile per hour mark (I assume there is a statute of limitations?)

So, combining my love of art and BMW 3.0 coupes from the era before sound deadening and the padded luxury for the rich ponce market kicked in, here is a redux of the Frank Stella car that I waxed (lyrically) about before.

I would own another in a Nürburgring moment.


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