Coronation Street Rocks

I am working on the libretto for a new stage show. Not sure why no one has thought of this before: Coronation Street the Musical. It's sort of Peter Grimes meets,…well Coronation Street. Ena Sharples has a fantastic baritone role and Ashley is the Soprano.

Actually I haven't seen an episode of Coronation street since Annie Walker owned the Rover's Return. I guess I was traumatised by it as a child. Hilda Ogden reminded me of my mother. Don't tell my mother. I think it was the hair rollers.

Of course for some readers the cultural phenomenon that is Coronation Street is probably as baffling to you as if I were to be writing haiku in Zulu. It is a praticularly British COmmonwealth phenomenon. The Romans had the Pax to hold the empire together. The British had a grimy street in the North of England.

As one of the top rating shows on New Zealand Television it is heavily promoted n TV One, so I am exposed to a substantial volume of channel promotion for the show. I must say it is looking quite racy now. It seems to have been gentrified - you know nice hardwood floors and Habitat furniture. What happened to Stan & Hilda Ogden's 'murial'?
- a floor to ceiling woodland scene.

Overwhelmed with nostalgia and revulsion in equal measure.


  1. Are you really working on a Coronation Street musical? Send more details young man!

  2. Nora,

    Sadly not. I was being daft. But I have to say that it wouldn't be such a daft idea. Look how Mama Mia has gone for Abba.



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