Asymmetric warfare

superstar training

Last year I developed a brand concept for a client who specializes in professional training. It's live now.

The interesting thing about the project was the willingness of the client to adopt the brand name SuperStar. It is a training programme for top sales people. Superstar will contract to train individuals from one organization in a category.

My recommendation was to avoid selling the secret recipe to competitors. How can you gain a strategic advantage over rivals if you are all behaving the same way, using the same tools and, effectively canceling each other out - what is the point?

I also have an issue with cookie cutter business degrees. Singing from the same hymnal means the opportunity to strike shock and awe into the hearts of competitors is homogenized.

I recommend you get in touch with Martin Fenwick and see if he'll accept you into the program.

It's time for some Asymmetric Warfare.


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