World famous in New Zealand

Following the Orange train of thought I came across this commercial. And blow me down if it doesn't look like it was shot in New Zealand. The Auckland War Memorial Museum provides the columnade. Toi To grass is unmistakeable and the bungalow is anytown Aotearoa.

Ah... the future - those were the days.


  1. MoiraB8:21 pm

    The lighthouse is at Castlepoint in the Wairarapa. I love it all, imagining a competition to spot all the locations ;-)))Only a kiwi who hasn't been home for three years would think thats a thrill.
    I have just found your site via Maggie Eyre's. Love it.Can I say you have a typo on your front page, blast can't recreate it but when you have the cursor resting on innovation and creativity there was a typo unless you're being clever and ironic and I'm a t..

  2. Irony. I just changed my home page - posted it before logging in to make a new post here.

    Thanks of for the message.

    I hear that Ridley Scot may have been the director - unconfirmed (unlikely?).


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