What ever happened to Shona Laing

Glad I'm not a Kennedy is an iconic New Zealand song by an iconoclastic New Zealand artiste. I never really liked it, too gimmicky for me. But the other day Monique Rhodes mentioned she'd heard from Laing.Last I heard was an interview on National Radio. What interests me about the clip is that I think it was directed by Kerry Brown, the talented fashion photographer turned director. Kerry shot an annual report for me in 1986 - the last year of disgraceful indulgences before the share market crash (correction) of 1987. We made some very nice portraits of the Brewer's employees in fashionista tritone black and white. It was a two volume set - one for the pitch and one for the financial - with a slip cover. Very Genesis - high concept… I will never forget shooting the board. We were carefully briefed that when they emerged from their board meeting we would have one minute with each. No longer. We were not to interfere with their lunch any more than necessary (to inspire investor confidence - always found that curious…these guys were heavy hitters in the kiwi business world. They could lunch with anyone anytime anywhere, but the effort to make a lasting impression was an afterthought. Most of the men - they were all men were actually quite gracious - a couple of skinny little kids directing them didn't phase them for a moment. Only Douglas Myers felt the need to treat us like shit on his shoe. He behaved disgracefully, insisting that he be photographed in front of the Brass Lion in the foyer of the building and crossing his arms carefully so the camera could catch his Rolex. Yawn. I hope he has gotten over himself. Kerry behaved with complete professionalism. The shot was ok but looked silly - all of the other directors looked great. Myers looked weird. I won't say that he brought about the stock market crash. Butyaneverknow.

Kerry also shot possibly the worst ad I ever made - for Coruba rum. We filmed it in the Bahamas.

But that's a story for another time.


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