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After the dramas caused by installing Apple's latest OS, I am a little sceptical about changing core software too soon - especially if the new features prove to be cosmetic. (Did I tell you about the conniptions the Leopard software caused by screwing up account settings in Dreamweaver. Seems that Apple didn't collaborate very closely with Adobe when they reconfigured things. I wasted a day trying to find solutions in chat rooms and notice boards - not something I appreciated).

I watched the presentation about MicroSoft's latest edition of Office for Mac. I regard it as pretty essential software, so obviously I'm cagey. But the aesthetic controls in the new suite look, well, …mac'ish. Which is usually good. An improved powerpoint should give Apple's Keynote a run for its money. Does anyone actually use Keynote?

Check it out for yourself. Simplify Your Work...


  1. My boyfriend just got the Mac versions of Microsoft Office for his Mac. I've seen it (though not up close) and it does resemble the 2007 versions although there are more templates. If I remember it correctly, there are more choices which make it undeniably Mac.

  2. I've got a nice new Macbook on order. Thought I'd treat myself to the new Office as well. Check out a few mac forums etc. It has a few bugs 'n stuff. I'll stick with my old version for now.


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