Brand Hijack

Working with the team at BrandWorld again. Interesting to think about where advertising and marketing might go.

I was interested to see this book promoted on a book cover design blog.

Based on a radical concept--letting go--this book about "marketing without marketing" is written by an author "Adweek" calls "a marketing subversive."

brand hijack (br?and h? -j?ak): "consumer takeover" (synonym).The consumers act of commandeering a brand from the marketing professionals and driving its evolution.
Out of nowhere, a brand like Red Bull, "The Blair Witch Project," or even the Howard Dean campaign takes off with little or no conventional marketing. How do these accidents really happen, and why do they ultimately succeed or fail?

Welcome to marketing without marketing: the emergence of the hijacked brand. Dont let the all- too-clever subtitle fool you. Far from representing the absence of marketing, this book describes the most complex sort of marketing possible, as well as the least understood.

Order a copy (I have):

Brand Hijack: Marketing Without Marketing


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