All Rhodes lead to great entertainment

monique rhodes live performance star
I met Monique Rhodes at an art awards function. Even from across the room I could see she had star power. I had no idea she was a musician. We chatted briefly about art and marketing and I was interested in the business model her friend's gallery was using to bring art to the people and money to artists.

Monique contacted me to ask if I'd be interested in helping her with ideas to promote her work. After a visit to her site I was sold. I love her music and energy.

She has been enrapturing fans at small venues here in New Zealand, building a loyal base. She lives most of the year in France. She toured Europe opening the legendary Chuck Berry's shows (and yes, appernetly he does like to be paid in cash).

Monique is playing at Auckland's Honey Lounge in O'Connell Street on Thursday. Gig starts at 8.30. There's no cover charge. It will be a great night. The group Pearl follow. If you see me there don't hesitate to say hello.

What better way to kick of the long Easter weekend? Good Friday - Better Thursday.

Check out Monique's music on her web site and become a friend on her
"MySpace page (she counts Sarah McLaughlan, Sheryl Crow and our very own Annie Crummer amongst her friends and fans so you'll be in good company).

Order a copy of her debut Album Awakenings
from her website or on theAmplifier
New Zealand music site.


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