Holden Monaro Concept - stalled.

Holden Monaro Concept

Holden have been showing their concept for the new Monaro around the traps. But it is unlikely to be built. Which seems a shame. It is a fine looking beast. Much more of a muscle car than the lithe, feminine model launched to great fanfare some years back. I never thought it had enough bonnet and lacked an aggressive edge.

The problem here is that the volume of vehicles that would sell under the Holden brand wouldn't justify the investment in developing the thing to a production stage. If GM, who own the Holden marque were to rebadge it as Pontiac for the US market it might have a chance. The wheels of GM grind slow though and maybe a car like this has little relevance in a market hit with oil at over $100US a barrel and concerns for sustainability. Even if the Monaro were to be made greener than before it might not be enough where the greenest solution is the right one.

Times are a changin'


  1. Anonymous10:10 pm

    i think this monaro is the best one yet
    build it please ild love to see it on the road
    and think there would be meny sold


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