The Future of Advertising

I have a theory about the future of advertising. There are three predominant elements:




Simplicity has always been a requisite. Time and space constraints are one thing but clutter and short attention spans make simplicity essential.

Utility is new. Tell me something I can use. Education doesn't have to be dull. Trinny & Susannah have done well teaching women what not to wear. They spring to mind at the moment because they are in New Zealand causing havoc with kiwi women. Home makeover shows, property climbing, dieting - instructive content has never been more prevalent. the idea of simply documenting something isn't what constitutes a documentary any more.
Of course the crossover of commercial into the content itself. Mitre 10 Dream Homes rates well - and it's a show about home renovation.

Google proved conclusively that the right message at the right time in the right place is far more important than a sexy narrative.

So my mantra is Simplicity, Utility and Relevance. Which, of course doesn't preclude being imaginative,


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