P.R. Gone Mad

Day 1.
1. Motorola MOTOKRZR

I went along to the launch of a new phone. Weird, but true. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting. In a funny sort of way I guess I thought I might learn something. Given that it was Motorola I though there might be some innovation.

Stupid, naive boy. It was a cocktail party.

The idea was to create a photo opp for Charlotte Dawson and other 24-hour party people regulars. In the absence of innovation (the phone has a glossy, reflective case), …play the fashion card. I don’t know the retail price, but I am guessing it comes at a premium. Yet it doesn’t even have G3 technology built in.

I did get to meet some very interesting people that I wouldn’t usually have encountered. Tanya Thompson and Steve Hodge were interesting company (Tanya is the artist A.K.A. Misery who graced the cover of our best selling edition of Idealog).

The promo pack I was given as I left was an equal disgrace. I’ve never seen anything as wasteful. Shrink-wrapped outer box. Lift the lid…reveals a mirror, which reflects a second lid, printed in reverse….woooo, so you read it in the mirror. Lift the second lid and there is. In all its glory. A CD with God knows what on it.

There were also some hard candies in the bag and scented candle. Hmmm…

I’m baffled. I don’t think I can play that game.

Day 2
2. The D&AD (Design and Art Direction Roadshow).

Whatever chalk and cheese really means I will have to say that tonight’s event seemed more like cheese.

I received an email the other day from Maeve O’Sullivan from D&AD inviting me to a function at AUT as part of a global road show for the charitable organization that promotes education for creativity in advertising, design and (ipso) business.

The presentation was simple, the message was encouraging to New Zealand creatives, reinforcing the opportunity to participate on the world stage and very personal, supported by leading creatives from Saatchi in Auckland.

I was reminded of what I love about advertising. Sensationally executed, simple ideas that leave me thinking…I wish I did that!


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