Memories of Rome

When I began this blog it was intended to be rather more focused on my concept of the One & Only, which, simply put is an expression of individuality and authenticity in branding. I have referred to the worlds of art and entertainment, because it is often in those realms that iconoclasm holds forth by design or simply by dint of genetics.

I recently watched a documentary on television about the abilities of savants, sometimes known as idiot savants or people who have a form of autism that grants them access to particular skills and abilities and denies them eery day abilities to engage with the world as others do. The film Rainman was, perhaps the most well know depiction of the condition.

One chap captured my imagination in a dramatic way. Through a random blog link I found that the segment of the documentary about Peter Wiltshire was on YouTube. Wiltshire is flown in a helicopter over the city of Rome. Though he has never seen the vista before he will draw it in impeccable detail, entirely from memory. Watch the film and be amazed. There is no other word for it.

Visit Stephen Wiltshire's online gallery

Watch him draw Tokyo


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