Bambina - oh the irony!

I have to confess to being a baby boomer. A late boomer (late bloomer too, come to think of it…only just started shaving). In chronological terms that makes me 43. So, not young, but not so old either.

The other day I went to a fashionable Auckland cafe called Bambina. Actually I should say that it is more 'smart' than fashionable. Having been around since at least 1997 or 98 it has become something of an institution.

I rather like the big central table, surrounded by chairs. Very communal, sort of like you might see at a childrens daycare/playcentre. There is a a long line of magazines arrayed through the centre, though not Idealog I noticed. Must have been stolen or in use…

But here's the thing. I must have been the youngest person there. The well-heeled, fashionably dressed customers were all 45 plus, huddled in the café at 8 am, meeting before work.

It was a vision of what the rest homes of the very near future will be like.

Be afraid.


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