#118- “It’s amazing how well you interpreted the brief. This piece is exactly what we wanted, you could not have made it any better, I love it. But I also think it’s too good. This is for a bigger client, a more international one. We’re not like that. See if you can do something shittier that we can use.”
(Client, Marketing Manager)

If you have ever worked in advertising and design the Adverbatum blog will have you laughing out loud and thinking, at the same time, I have heard this before, because the truth is that creative people are subjected to ignorance and stupidity on a daily basis. Of course the phenomena is a two way street. I'd love to see a blog by clients and account managers that detail the absurd, the ridiculous and bombastic twaddle that sometimes comes from the 'creative department'. Hmmm, I can think of a few I've been responsible for.

Reminds me of an anecdote (apocryphal?) about forgotten kiwi advertising legend Len Potts (who entertained us with some of the best ad campaigns ever produced in New Zealand). Potts presented, so the story goes, a full page press advertisement to a client. Client says, "Love it, love it, love it… just perfect! You're a genius!…How would it look as a half page ad?" Potts, without pause, tears the ad layout in half and says,… "Like this."Then exits stage left.

Ahh, those were the days.


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