Madonna battles Parkinson

I don't know when the interview I am watching on UKTV was recorded, but Micheal Parkinson and Madonna has to be an irresistable match, right? Just after her disco oriented record date stamps it is my guess.

American readers might not know who Parkinson is (long running talk show host) but I am certain you've heard of Madonna (who somewhere, somehow, earned the moniker 'Madge'). She has been in the news recently for her interest in adopting african children. I don't understand the furore about that. She can adopt me if she wants. I'd rather like having a nanny. Though a governess might be more appropriate.

Madonna qualifies as The One & Only. Anybody prepared to disagree with me?
The show reminds me of Paul Jeffreys, Squeeze, my erstwhile business partner (now deceased) who made the very shrewd decision to buy not one-but two copies of Madonna's controversial book 'Sex'. His idea was to open one (they came in a sealed foil bag) and leave the other as an artifact (They sell for US$200-600 on eBay).

Here is another artifact of that era. The Madonna song Erotica. Rather than playing here I'm leaving it as a link.

THIS, on the other hand is a brilliant example of self referential irony from the BMW films campaign. I seem to be giving Fallon a great deal of airtime here. The film is directed by Madonna's husband Guy Ritchie.

In the words of the my mentor (in my early days of advertising), Brian Harrison, …I laughed 'like a drain'.

I think Madonna has a remarkable capacity to both intuit and modify the market. You could learn a lot from her if brands interest you. The One & Only Madonna - without a doubt.


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