Pompous and circumstantial

The Queen of England gave her annual speech to 'her people' on YouTube this year.
I watched it and felt a renewed distaste for the concept of monarchy.

She talks about the disadvantaged in society and how it is the duty of us all to help relieve their situations. Of course she says so from a position of unearned privilege, is that a Ming vase I see at your right elbow ma'aam?

The concept of monarchy, divine right and fealty to an idea that is simply an anachronism in the 21st century is absurd.

I found it offensive that Elizabeth Windsor broadcast a message showing her soldiers in Afghanistan (and though the British Troops in Iraq have stepped back from a 'combat' role the imagery certainly is representative of the military presence of the UK in the middle east). She refers to the seriously wounded and killed in the service of her commonwealth but neatly avoids commenting on the casualties inflicted on the local population, many of them innocent non-combatants.

She may well be a nice old lady in a personal sense but she represents something vile. Not only imperialism and oppression, wrong headed devotion to a cult of succession without merit but also the continuation of dullard ideas such as supporting the war with and ongoing occupation of Iraq.

I know there are British people who love their queen but that doesn't make it morally right. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that the Germans were smitten by Herr Hitler and even a significant number of Soviets who were stupefied by Stalin.

Before you start wanting to flick me with a wet Charles and Diana tea towel I am not even remotely suggesting that Lizzy is personally responsible for any atrocity. Her position is the atrocity and popularity doesn't make things right - any more than agreement equates to thinking.

I would like to hear in her next announcement that she is stepping down, and closing the shop. Neither Charles nor William will succeed her throne (photogeneity is no grounds for authority). Parliament will attach the family's wealth and grant her and Philip a pension and a pensioners flat somewhere nice, Brixton or the like. All titles and lands will be handed back to the people. Taxes will be reduced (now that the assets can be used for the public good and dividends distributed to the community).

And the world will be a better place.(Sung)

Footnote. Interesting that the YouTube channel has no embedding feature and comments have been disabled. Very telling. A desire to use social media but not to conform to its conventions. Monarchy is a monologue, not a polylogue.


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