I had an idea a little while ago. What if there was a venue where creative entrepreneurs could exchange skills to get private projects off the ground? It came to me when I was listening (actually only half listening) to a presentation by Mark Wheldon of the NZ Stock exchange talk about the stock market - I think (I tend to glaze a little on these things). It was an Idealog function at the Hilton on Princess Wharf. Lots of suits. How did the creative economy get hijacked by the suits I thought to myself? Which naturally segued into Hey, how about setting up an exchange for us - the people who actually create things. We need to speed up the creation of IP; make money in our sleep from our fabulous endeavours.

So, today I launched the beta verison of the CEX - The Creative Exchange. It's rustic right now. I'm offering to trade some of my skills for some web development time.

Anyway, check it out www.thecex.com

If you have a project and would like a hand to realise it - register your project.

Let me know your feedback through the CEX blog - or here.


  1. Nice one David. An excellent idea with, I think, a bloody good name too.

    I also really enjoyed you comment about how the suits hijacked creative. I just read an interesting piece on the music biz in the paper this morning about the very same thing.

  2. Thanks Stan.
    Just got my first offer request from a 3rd party. We'll see where it goes.


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