September's Raw Nerves

I've just watched the video below and suggest you do too. Put some time aside. It's an hour and 30 minutes. It will challenge you perceptions (I hope). And, who knows, you might be moved to ask questions. Watch it with an open mind. Open minds are better than closed ones. This is the most persuasive example of web 2.0 and Generation C at work that I have seen.

My work promotes creativity and the growth of a creative economy for New Zealand. It is crucial to our future survival in the world. But we have a number of difficulties that have to be overcome.

We are remote from the world.
Some people think that's a good thing, but it's not. The tyranny of distance from markets and stimulation makes fungible goods, on which our export economy is dependant, impractical. It also means we will always have a net outflow of youth and talent who have the Dick Whittington Syndrome.

We are small.

The world hardly registers our presence. Though, because of our well developed media infrastructure, that's not the story we hear about ourselves.

If we are going to participate on a global stage there needs to be an open, free market for ideas. The paranoid, post 911 world doesn't bode well.

Who doesn't get an inkling of a partisan, if not bigoted world. The whole 'Terror' concept is terrifying. And that is the intention. The Nazis used the technique to galvanise the frightened German population after WW1 and hate memes the likes the world has never seen before are being deployed.

Read UnSpeak.

Watch the video below. And be grateful for the web.

But most of all:
Don't allow us all to descend back into the dark ages.


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