Doing 'the ton' (tonne?)

Hey, my 100th post.

Sunday morning. The rain is doing that depressing grey thing on the window. Stuck in the apartment with my daughter (who is watching a re-run of American Idol to expand her mind, though admittedly she is drawing with her gel pens on black paper and getting some extraordinary results-she has the gift of being able to make me look like Elmo).

We are going to go to the musuem after lunch. Perfect wet weather expedition. My son is playing golf in the rain. He is obsession personified. I don't understand what drives him.

Found the clip below on YouTube (I'm hooked), Kevin Smith the creator of slacker film Clerks and famously fired by Tim Burton as script writer on Superman returns. Its a laconic, surreal take on Hollywood. Check it out. I'm worn out from cooking bacon and eggs and need to regenerate for the museum visit. There is something on at the art gallery too, Rembrandt etchings. Could be worth a look. Might be as dull as dishwater. Could always pop accross the road to the new gallery for some over stimulation. Why do culture and wet weather correspond so well?

Finally, a bit of news. I sold for $390 on TradeMe. A bargain for a half day workshop. Proceeds went to the City Mission. I have to head down to New Plymouth to fulfill my commitment. Should be fun.

Happy 100th


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