Testing Creativity

A Twitter friend, Kirsten Wright wrote this on her blog:

Creativity Test

Creativity is not to be taken for granted, it is not something you ‘have’ it is something that you must work at, and practice, to keep strong. I practice my creativity daily, by writing, twittering, designing and researching. I am always trying to find new, unique ways to practice my creativity. One of my favorite ways is to pick a photo from flickr, and create a marketing campaign for a product, using the image. I don’t do it for work, or because I have to, but because it helps my mind to stay sharp and think outside of the box. So, I figured I would let you all try it with me today. Here is the image that I chose:

And here are the questions you have to answer:

1. What product would you use this image for
2. What would the tagline be for the product
3. Where would you promote it (web, billboard, tv, etc)
4. What would you expect people to visualize when they saw the image
5. What other colors would you use with the image
6. What fonts would be great to use with the image

Here is my assignment ma'am.

(Click on image to enlarge)

I made the client up: The Karma Center for Meditation.
The tagline (copy) reads 'Next time will you regret the choices you made this time?'
I'd use social media and other onscreen media.
I'd imagine they'd engage with the cute squirrel. Read the copy and join the dots with the advertiser and a little light would go on. Hopefully they would see that Buddhism doesn't take itself so seriously.
The green is so predominant in the photo I would be sparing in use of color.
I chose JY Artemis from Jack Yan Fonts for the caption, it's nice and unusual without being too hippy. The use of Futura for the logo is to avoid cliche's about Buddhist iconography - the use of the infinity symbol to represent the road to Nirvana via reincarnation also avoids trippy symbolism.

How'd I do?

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  1. David,

    I think that you did an absolutely fantastic job - and captured the feeling of the image perfectly. I love the use of the JY Artemis, it is definitely the right font!

    Do you feel more creative :)

  2. Amusing and thought provoking! Great skill sharpening assignment. I like drawing over advertisements looking for design principles...


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