Little Red Riding Hood - all funked up.

Here's an interesting mash-up of contemporary information graphics and a timeless tale by the brother's Grimm. And grim it is when Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother is dispatched by the wolf.

The clip was exectuted, if I might indulge in the theme a little further, as a school project by a Swedish Chap. I am assuming he's not in primary school - though these days who would know?

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  1. For a different take on Little Red Riding Hood, there is 'The Path'. "Go to Grandmother's House and don't stray from the Path". A slow, paced, interactive horror/coming of age experience (not quite a game):

  2. I wonder if this will be more similiar to future fairy tales. More and more kids grow up with computers and video games and are completely aware of multiple levels of learning and seeing things.


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