Tiptoe through the tulips

Interesting day to day - caught up with some of my favourite people. Lunch with Martin Bell and Vincent Heeringa from HB Media - we founded Idealog together and the lads have gone on to publish the successful travel magazine Inspire and sustainability magazine Good. They have also published a number of books - a large format volume about snapper in New Zealand - a slightly mad topic but nicely done. What caught my eye though was the Kiwi Ukulele book. I finagled a copy - I have always wanted to know how to play Blitzkrieg Bop on the Ukulele (and Anarchy in the UK), naturally enough I needed an instrument to go with the book so I went to visit my old mate Bill Lattimer up at Bungalow Bills on Kybher Pass Road.

Bill is a living legend on the New Zealand music scene. He's an lovely bloke who is always happy to have a chat. Today we talked about how he is using the internet to grow his business. You should visit his shop - it is an Aladdin's cave if you love interesting instruments. Years ago I bought a steel Dobro from Bill and, though I am an infrequent, visitor he has never forgotten it. Go say hello and get yourself a Ukelele and a copy of the Kiwiw Ukulele book.

Ukele Book Website
Bungalow Bill's Shop


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