Bring On The Trumpets - sweet as…

Sometimes I like ads that fall under the loose description 'existential'. They don't mean anything in particular. The Cadbury Gorilla commercial (which recently began running on a moderately high rotation here in New Zealand) is an exemplar. The ad above is another. Unlike the Phil Collins lookalike, the cast of this ad don't actually do anything. The effect is curiously hypnotic. It means you can concentrate on the message. Not that there seems to be a message - except that Natural Confectionery Company's jelly snakes have natural colours and flavours.

I did think that the sugar coated bear might have been significant - a rival product maybe? But no, looking at another commercial in the series - its part of the range.

See, looking for answers just complicates things.

There's nothing else for it but to bring on the trumpets.


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