BrandWorld wins third marketing award

At the marketing awards last night my colleagues and I celebrated winning our third Marketing Magazine Marketing Award. So now, each of our media properties has a gong attached to it: Family Health Diary, Eating Well and Discover.

I chuckle to myself because, though we are now a fixture on the media landscape, it hasn't always been the case. Over ten years ago it wasn't easy to sell syndicated media properties. I won't say it is now, either - we have a very committed sales team who perform exceptional feats to grow our business every year. If you think it is easy - I heartily recommend having a go - though buying a lottery ticket might be more fruitful.

It is also interesting that the Steve Bridges from the University of Auckland, chairman of the judging panel singled us out - along with McDonalds - for entering every year. I thought that might be either an admonishment or a boost - it turned out to be the former. According to Mr Bridges it is evidence that we are constantly testing ourselves against the market. That would be true.

The other aspect of constancy is that our product works well for advertisers because we are ever-present. Consumers are not only familiar with our brands but they also have to spend very little energy figuring out what we are talking about - so the messages stick.

I shall sit quietly now and nurse my hangover. It was a well deserved party.


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