Ugly Betty - beautiful thoughts

I'm doing some work for Simply You and Simply You Living magazines to help develop web strategies. So watching Ugly Betty, the launch episode, was pretty funny. Ah, the world of fashion…Truth is blander than fiction I fear.

Instructive though. If you want to make a TV show these days it should be like a comic book, serialised, exaggerated characters.Don't worry about depth. All you need is a concept (draw on out-of-copyright ideas from Brothers Grimm…hey, it worked for Disney)

Speaking of Disney…I watched the Steve Jobs keynote at the Macworld conference. 2 hours. Epic. Longer than Toy Story. But hey…I WANT AN iPHONE! Endure the presentation on the Apple site. Sadly, 2008 before it hits Asia (I guess New Zealand is in there?…please…). Sheesh - 2 hours.
Did I mention I want an iPhone. Now.

The Golden Globes are on. Hey, here's an idea for a show:

Nah, too good to share…first rule of Intellectual Property - don't say a thing to anyone without proper protection.

All I can tell you is - it's a winner: comic book, serialised, exaggerated characters.

A scene from Ugly Betty - Next week. You may have to watch without me.


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    Just letting you know I've linked up to your thoughts on the show here :)



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