The Oxford Onion Debate

A friend of mine said that I am a bad writer on the basis of some of my blog entries. She made the comparison with some big name authors (whose big names I have forgotten). An interesting point of view. Flattered though I am to be compared with august literary figures it is worth considering the nature of blogging.

In my case if something pops into my head I might feel compelled to share it with you. It has little significance really-in the way that idle conversations between friends rarely have the intellectual quality of an Oxford Union debate (though I have to say the only one of those I have been privvy to was that of the much overated and grating orator - David Lange with his sneered 'I can still smell the plutonium on your breath remark').

The writing in a blog, and I am only speaking for myself, is a simple, unedited stream of conscious. It is opinionated with nerry a nod to objectivity. No need for such a thing. This is not The Economist magazine.

There is another crucial difference. A published work in the conventional sense will have passed through many hands before making it to the presses. And that is after being self-edited many times by the author. If you have read any of my posts you'll see that I have scant regard for spelling and barely a passing aquaintence with grammar. If, at the end of the day that troubles you imagine how you might feel on learning that high schools are willing to accept TXT language in school essays and examinations. ILMAO


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