And 'it' is…?

See if you can figure out what brand is being advertised in this spot.
Had me stumped. But I'm not feeling especially swift today.

Just finished reading an interesting book. Branded NationThe Marketing of Megachurch, College Inc., and Museumworld. Very interesting reading.

"Twitchell’s basic premise—that organizations live and die based on brand recognition—isn’t new. In recent years, publishers have churned out dozens of marketing books trumpeting the importance of brand recognition. What sets Branded Nation apart is Twitchell’s richly detailed examination of how religious, educational, and cultural institutions are jumping on the branding bandwagon. Twitchell, a University of Florida professor and the author of previous books on advertising and culture, takes a couple of lumps from critics who found some parts of his newest work reductive or incomplete. But overall, Twitchell’s persuasive arguments and enviable story-telling ability make Branded Nation an enjoyable—and enlightening—read."

What I found curious was how the author took some serious swipes at the University of Florida and still seems to be employed by them. In a perverse way I suppose his commentary is good for the school's profile and rankings - the very things he bemoans. The first chapter is the best introduction to contemporary branding that I have seen.


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