The Optimists' Flag

Having spent all that money to talk about the New Zealand flag on our behalf it would be rude not to engage.

Here's my thoughts for a flag. I've been worried that pictures of kiwis and ferns and drab red white and blues might win the day (not that flags are really important). I also worry that if a black flag squeaks through we will look like we are in perpetual mourning. The reason the US loves the stars and stripes is because it's cheerful when displayed en masse.


Here's my rationale:
This design refers to:
• A sense of place - islands, mountains, land, sea, space.
• The traditions of New Zealand/Aotearoa:
- Kowhaiwhai design
- European heraldry

The colours:
Blue ground  - sense of place, standing proudly and distinctively. Referring to our place in the Pacific ocean - and its meaning 'peaceful'. It transitions from night to day, yesterday to tomorrow.

Yellow - facing the right/east not only symbolising the geographic place - first to see the sun but also the optimism and youthfulness of our nation and its peoples. 

Black for the traditions and heritage - the mana of our achievements and courage in the face of challenges.

The red represents the heart our passion and compassion.
Green needs little explanation.

White - two main islands, snow capped peaks, long white clouds.

The design is contemporary and avoids parochial symbols that 'belong' to any particular faction.

The geometric shapes suggest growth and regeneration as well as permanence.

Its elements can be translated into other contexts to build the national brand identity.

While it refers to traditions it heralds an optimistic and plural future; where we are of the world but distinctively ourselves.


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