Action stations…End Homelessness…let's rock!

We all know that homelessness is a real problem. I'm pretty sure you would be willing to help make a difference if you could. So here's what you can do:

I am sleeping rough in 8 days time for the BigSleepOut event to raise awareness and funds to help Lifewise help people who are homeless.

So, …now you KNOW
I know you are WILLIING
Let's DO IT!

You can support Lifewise's efforts through my official fundraising page HERE.

This is my sixth year of being involved with the event; I have found that friends and colleagues are both generous and supportive - the money we've raised has made a difference - when I first got involved I thought we could eradicate the problem easily, sadly it perpetuates.  But it would be worse without your generous help.

Thank you. I'm grateful for your support - you make the difference.

(P.S. I've kicked off my campaign a little late this year…it's even more urgent - if you could share this post on Twitter and Facebook to spread the message with your connections that would make a huge difference too - use the buttons below or copy the link in the address bar).

David MacGregor


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