Poem #1

A dear friend shared a poem with me. Try I as I might, I didn't get it. And I did try. I wrote a poem in reply. Not intended to insult (though it did). I'm sorry for that. But am grateful for the revelation that poetry offers.

I recommend opening up your intellectual channels, rationalism and realism by connecting your thoughts outside the constructs of prose.

Here is my reply to my friend. If you can figure it out let me know.

Bucolic Beowulfian
Epic endymion
Hippolytic Haiku
Iambic I said
Pentametric parabolas
'neath perfect parasoles
Pirouetting piously
Promulgating petrification
Sensationalising stupefaction
Serenely cerebral
Suddenly sodden
Nakedly nude
Smirking prude
The silent ryhming
mime says
make mine
a double
and make it
for I can
but shed crocodile
Boatshed dreams
of tarninshed
lampen lumpen lampoons
of chronic
Call me Ishamael
But call me
Light and day
egging on
in the porcelein
of all our


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