Dragons Den

A friend recommended that I watch the BBC show Dragon's Den, she absolutely raved about the progamme and insisted it would be a perfect fit for Idealog. When I finally got around to watching an episode I was immediately hooked.

Wannabe entrepreneurs vie for venture capital from a panel of proven entrepreneurs. Some applicants have business acumen to the same degree that sad sacks who try out for American Idol have singing talent. Others are persuasive and have genuinely good ideas.

The show can be cruel. But, then, so can life. The show is compelling for its human drama. There is also the opportunity to pit one's own analytic skills against the Dragon's - would I invest in the idea?

In something of a coup Idealog has scored the sponsorship right to the Australian edition of the show, starting tommorow night on TVOne at 8.30. Mark it in your must see TV diary.
We have done a couple of little spots to promote the mag, which I present to you now for your viewing pleasure.

Subscribe now - join the growing legions of fans (at the moment it's probably more accurate to say platoons than legions, but we are getting there). Actually the magazine is getting better all the time. I've handed the art direction over to a talented young chap who was previously with Urbis magazine.


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