A Brand Apart

Joe Duffy is a legend in design circles. I like the concept of this book, pehaps because it reinforces The One & Only(TM) concept. Message to marketers. If you want to own a brand, then get with the programme. You can't be like your competitors.
What competitors?- the lines a re so blurred now that supermarkets sell TVs and the real business of big box retailers like The Warehouse and Farmers is consumer credit....being yourself is a strategic imperative, focusing on who you think are your competitors makes you a tactition. You'll get steam rollered by some thing you simply couldn't see or hear coming.... becasue you didn't perceive it as a threat.

I recommed Duffy's book. (I think Duffy Design is part of the Saatchi empire. Auckland's own Derek Lockwood is Worldwide Head of Design for Saatchi & Saatchi).

Brand Apart


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