Wednesday, July 01, 2015

How to raise your standard of living in New Zealand

The Big SleepOut 2015

Years ago I met a guy who was famous for organising very successful telethons.
He told me a story about his early days as a larrikin in the UK.
He would, he said, run tiny classified ads featuring the claim: "This is your last chance to send a pound". There was no further information other than a post box number.

My belated efforts to raise money for the LifeWise Trust to help those in real need find emergency shelter are coming to their conclusion. The BigSleepOut is tomorrow night - sleeping rough to raise awareness of this humanitarian crisis - right here on the streets in New Zealand.

I know it's easier to simply look the other way and feel helpless - but the truth is sharing even a small amount of cash with this organisation adds to a fund that really makes a substantial difference to the cause. We may not end the problem of homelessness altogether - but we can end homelessness for some - especially young people and families in desperate need. Everyone successfully helped into shelter helps raise the standard of every life in NZ.

This is your last chance to send $20. 
I hope you can.

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