My campaign for the Big SleepOut has begun

It's cold out there.

The Big SleepOut raising awareness, raising money

For the last few years I've been helping The LifeWise Trust to raise awareness about the issues surrounding homelessness in Auckland city. Well, not just awareness, money too.

We have an amazing city - it is vibrant, diverse, energetic - but every city has its problems too, the things the glossy campaigns gloss over, the people who, for one reason or another fall through the cracks.

I choose not to judge them. Every year I have participated in the The Big Sleepout I have learned more and heard more stories that are by turns tragic and uplifting. Every one is different. But in my judgement the work of the LifeWise trust is worth doing and I think we should do whatever we can to assist. You can see their mission and learn about the work they do on the website.

I'm asking for donations from my friends, family, colleagues and the people I know who know that the quality of life is better for everyone when everyone has a better chance. You.

This year the focus of our fundraising is youth on the streets. There's nothing romantic about that notion, I can promise you. I'll save some of the gritty facts for later. But I hope you can make a contribution to our campaign.

I have a couple of inducements for larger donations coming up, but for now - whatever you can spare will be warmly received.

Donations may be tax deductible.
The donation site is run independently by GiveALittle.

Please feel free to share the posters and link to this post. Spread the word.


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