Likemarks™ - the new measure of brand health?

A few years back Saatchi & Saatchi CEO popularised a new take on brands by coining the phrase Lovemarks.
A clever repositioning of his agency that proved popular with clients and staff.

But in the era when brands are scrambling to find meaning in social media, perhaps Lovemarks is a little bombastic - asking too much?

Facebook's 'Like' is ubiquitous. Commercial pages are deemed successful by the number of 'Likes'.

It is, perhaps, a lazy way of expressing approval - and it certainly can't be extrapolated into the kind of passion for the brand that Lovemarks describes. But the people have spoken.

So - I have created Likemarks™.

More thoughtful essay to follow.


  1. A "like" button would have finished this tidbit off nicely.


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